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Starlab and CPR Kits Requests




Please use these forms to request Starlab and/or CPR Kits for your school:


The Digital StarLab is a compact, manually-operated, user-friendly planetarium projection system. It is powered by the impressive Starry Night Software (NO MORE CYLINDERS!) that produces a state-of-the-art resolution revealing a truly breathtaking and realistic sky inside the 6 meter portable dome.

The StarLab curriculum has been designed by teachers with the specific needs of teachers in mind, and all of the curriculum meets the current NGSS standards. The materials and activities are all available via a Macbook so you can be assured that what you need to engage your students will not take the hours of preparation it would normally be to get started.


In order to check out the Digital StarLab you must be a trained presenter. StarLab training opportunities will be posted on our website under Professional Development. If your district has contributed to the purchase of the StarLab the training will be FREE of charge. If yours district has not contributed to the purchase the training will be available at $100/person.


Checkout will be based on a first come first serve basis. Rental will be FREE of charge for all contributing districts and $500 for all non-contributing districts.