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AI PD by the Pool

Jul 8, 2024
12:00 am

AI PD by the Pool

ROE #3 is kicking off our summer professional development series "PD by the Pool" That's right - PD by the Pool! The great thing about this PD is that it can be done by the pool! Each participant will have a chance to earn up to 9 PD hours. 1 PD hour per choice board item completed! Take a look at the Choice Board AI Activities and decide which ones you would like to complete. Register using the Google Form link below by selecting activities you would like to complete. Finally complete the Google form responses for PD by the Pool. It's that easy!


This professional development opportunity is available from May 28th  - August 16th. The cost to complete this PD is $10/choice square. You can choose to do one activity or all nine activities. 


PD by the Pool Choice Board:


PD by the Pool Responses Link: