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Governor JB Pritzker signed Public Act 101-0227 in August 2019. This measure is more widely known as the LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum Bill. The core purpose of the bill is to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer and questioning (LGBTQ) contributions are incorporated into curriculum and history classes. Our history as a state and a nation is riddled with influences from individuals who are LGBTQ. Often those facts are not fully explored, and thus an incomplete view of history is perpetuated. Ensuring that curriculum includes the contributions of LBGTQ people gives those students who also identify as such an opportunity to see themselves represented in our shared history. Furthermore, it creates a more complete, accurate, and equitable portrayal of society.


The Illinois Inclusive Curriculum Advisory Council (IICAC) has collaborated with ISBE and representatives from the Illinois Education Association and Illinois Federation of Teachers since the fall of 2019 to develop a variety of tools and curating resources to support educators and school administrators with the implementation of the Inclusive Curriculum Law. See below for a brief overview and links:

  • Inclusive Curriculum Law OverviewPDF Document
  • Frequently Asked QuestionsPDF Document
  • Professional Development – The Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago’s Illinois Safe Schools Alliance (Alliance) launched a new professional development workshop titled Deepening Our History: Implementing the Illinois Inclusive Curriculum Law. Please visit the Illinois Safe Schools webpage for an updated list of free webinar sessions.
  • Lesson Plans - The Legacy Project launched its Education Initiative in 2013. It is adapting the resource portal to serve as a searchable repository of a variety of lesson plans that will help teachers identify historically significant LGBTQ people who contributed significantly to every subject/field presently studied in Illinois public schools. This resource will be shared broadly, when available.
  • Guidance - The guidance will include frameworks, strategies, tools, and resources needed to implement an inclusive curriculum with confidence. The full document will be published in the near future and a condensed version will be shared in the ISBE Weekly Message next week.

Members of the IICAC include Equality Illinois, the Alliance, and the Legacy Project. Below is an overview of each organization’s work to support the LGBTQ community:

  • Equality Illinois, the state's civil rights organization for LGBTQ people, envisions a fair and unified Illinois where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and where all people live freely regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. To achieve this vision, the organization advances LGBTQ-affirming policy initiatives, helps LGBTQ communities across Illinois build and use power, and works to ensure LGBTQ people are represented at governmental tables where decisions are made.
  • The mission of The Alliance is to promote the safety, support, and healthy development of LGBTQ+ youth in Illinois schools and communities through advocacy, education, youth organizing, and research.
  • The mission of the Legacy Project is to illuminate and affirm the lives of LGBTQ people; honor their experiences and accomplishments, collect and preserve their contributions to world history and culture, educate and inspire the public and young people, and ensure an inclusive and equitable future.

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